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Portrety akrylowe w różnych odsłonach kolorystycznych.

Ilustracje książkowe i wymyślone.

Portrety papierowe z kartek, kalki i serwetek.

Rzeźby z modeliny.

Rysunki i szkice osobowe i miejscowe.

Portrety akwarelowe na szybko i na spokojnie.

Plakaty - na różne tematy.

Portrety olejne wielowarstwowe.

Logo i projektowanie graficzne.

Kartki świąteczne.





Zapraszamy wszystkich do udziału w naszych kursach artystycznych:

przygotowanie do ASP,

przygotowanie do ARCHITEKTURY,

kurs hobbystyczny,

kurs akwarelowy,

i kurs dla dzieci.


Zajęcia odbywają się w Milanówku, więcej informacji na stronie CREOSFERA. 


Paintings, drawings and graphic design


Welcome to my portfolio. This site contains a few galleries of works in techniques I use, there are for example: drawings, acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, oil paintings and (one of my favourite ones) works in paper technique. There are also works made in "plain air" from places I like to visit. Moreover, you can find here the photo gallery and some information about expositions I took part in.


The most important themes of my works are people - their bodies, faces and spirits. Man is the most interesting subject of my artistic search: I like to catch him in move, and set him in motion just to stop time. I like the light on his face, and I like his face shining through. I like to get him out of darkness and melt him with background, I like something in his eyes even if I they're invisible. Usually I want him to be like his original. I like to see him in many colors. It seems that man has something more in his face than... anything else.


I work as a graphic designer, making posters, books, catalogues, folders, invitations, cards and other projects. I also paint portraits and take artistic photos.



You can order here:


  • posters, logos, books, catalogues, folders, invitations projects and other graphic materials

  • portraits in every size in many techniques (oil, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, paper...), painted or drew

  • illustrations on many subjects for books, magazines, and for yourself

  • artistic photos + work with it on a computer



Have a good time being here.


Ania Rogala.

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